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Having thought I would find the counselling process difficult, Michael immediately made me feel comfortable and I found myself able to fully open up about what I was feeling and experiencing.  The sessions were a great turning point in my life and they helped me become more aware of the person I am and want to be.  I would recommend Michael to anybody looking for counselling.


Michael really has helped me transform the quality of my life.  This has enabled me to see what is truly important to me.  I strongly recommend speaking to him if you are struggling and want to work on better understanding yourself and finding happiness.


Michael greeted me like an old friend and I instantly felt relaxed and calm - I opened up completely and never looked back.  I can honestly say that speaking with a counsellor has had an extremely positive impact on me and my self confidence has grown and grown.


Sessions with Michael have helped me find a space to deeply explore my thoughts and feelings about many things that have caused great upset in my life. This has helped me to work through these issues.


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